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The Monkey King

2024/11/16 - 11/17

The Superhero from the East

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with “The Monkey King”, a legendary opera from the East. This large-scale production, co-produced by Trend Education Foundation and Taiwan College of Performing Arts, brings together Chinese opera aesthetics, superb kung fu and modern theater design.

Based on the beginning chapters of “Journey to the West”, the show presents you the wild and naughty superhero Sun Wukun. He is powerful with magic charms. He is invincible with Ruyi Jingu Bang and somersault cloud. He entitles himself as Lord Monkey, Heaven’s-Equal and confronts with the hundred thousand of holy solders for his up roaring the heavenly court. Don't miss this sensational production that brings to life the magic and legend of Sun Wukong in a way you've never seen before!

This production has achieved wide success in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung from 2021 to 2023. The Singapore tour is host and presented by Trend Micro Singapore.

The Cast

The role of Sun Wu Kong in “The Monkey King” is played by three martial arts actors - CHU Lu-Hao, HSU Ting-Fang, and CHIN Lang. The roles of the monkey minions, Heavenly Soldiers and Generals are performed by students and actors from the Department of Jing Ju (Peking Opera) and Jing Ju Troup of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts.

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CHU Lu-Hao

Esteemed martial actor of Chinese opera known as the "Taiwanese Monkey King". He has played the role of Sun Wukong for 22 years, over 500 performances in different countries. In this production he will play the delicate role of " Stealing Peaches and Nabbing the Elixir" and "Havoc in Heaven".

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HSU Ting-Fang

A middle-aged actor who possesses profound martial arts skills and excels in both physical agility, vocal prowess, and mastery of high-level techniques. He will undertake demanding performances as Sun Wukung in "Hua-guo Mountain," " Equine Transportation Officer," " Lord Monkey, Heaven’s-Equal," and "Havoc in Heaven."

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At age of 20, the young actor possesses exceptional martial art skills and an invincible youth, making him a promising rising star. In this production, he will deliver stunning kung fu in " Shenanigans under the Sea," " Brewing the Elixir," and "Havoc in Heaven."

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Famous with his clear and sonorous voice, the well experienced actor will take the roles of two different gods back in back. He has been nominated for Best Actor Award at the 2021 Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts Taiwan for his leading role in "Zuo Bo Tao".

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WU Jen-Chien

A well-known middle-aged actor specializing in “painted face” roles. He once studied under famous Qiu school performer NIU Zheng-liang and is currently a member of the Peking Opera troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts.

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SU Chien-Yu

A towering and muscular actor specialized in role of “painted face”. He will play two mythological heavenly generals and engage in a thrilling battle with Sun Wukong.

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Everyone loves him, Sun Wukong

Jenny Chang

Producer / Chairman of Trend Foundation

Sun Wukong is immortal. He leaped out of the pages of “Journey to the West” and made his way into movies, TV series, video games. Throughout the world, people continue to explore new realms of Sun Wukong. The Chinese opera bring Sun Wukong comes to life, every jump, roll, horseback battle are results from over decade of rigorous training. Each actor possesses agile and formidable martial arts prowess, all the while maintaining a relaxed and natural facial expression, achieved through constant refinement to embody the character of Wukong, part monkey, part deity.

In the show “The Monkey King” Wukong has not yet embarked the journey to west. Hs is mischievous, arrogant, fearlessly true to himself. All the audience would feel their heart racing along with the Wukong on the stage.

Designated as intangible cultural heritage by UN, Peking opera has grown and flourished fearlessly in Taiwan. As the producer of “the Monkey King” I wish this show starts from Taiwan and embark its way to the world, allowing audiences from diverse cultures and backgrounds to experience the captivating charm of Oriental theater aesthetics.

Authentic Peking Opera Arts with Modern Aesthetics

This drama follows the spirit of Eastern aesthetics in Peking Opera, with stage designs that highlights the performance of actors. It features modern stage settings, lighting and visual effects to immerse audiences into a magical yet realistic mythological story.

2023 Apr 15—16

2023 The Monkey King |TAICHUNG

Taichung National Opera House

2022 March 12—13

2022 The Monkey King |TAIPEI

Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center

2021 Dec. 25—26

2021 The Monkey King |KAOHSIUNG

National Kaohsiung Center of Arts (Weiwuying)


Let’s roar it



2024/11/16 - 11/17